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As our journey begins, the first waypoint is set at getting to know each other, discussing your business, your customers, and identifying and understanding the task at hand.

Once we've finished our coffees, or hung up the phone, the research and exploration begins.

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In the design stage, I'll put all of our findings in to a suitable format for further discussion and refinement.

Depending what we're working on, that could be: logo concepts, business card ideas, usable website prototypes and more. Your feedback and collaboration at this point is important, no one knows you're business better than you - although I'll try.


Once we're happy with the course we've set, I'll take the design concept and develop it into the final product using the latest techniques and standards.

At this stage we'll know exactly where we're headed and any final tweaks or adjustments can be made.


We are ready for lift-off! At this point I'll hand over the final files and assets, and take care of any agreed launch requirements.

That's doesn't have to be the end of our wonderful relationship though. I can help with marketing and maintenance if you need it, and I'll always be around if you need any help or advice.

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